Dame Juliana Berners: the nun who never was


The authorship of the first book about fishing printed in the English language - the Treatyse of Fishing with an Angle, published in 1496 - is shrouded in mystery. We know where the Treatyse was printed and we know a great deal about the man who printed it, but we know next to nothing about the person who wrote it. The incredible thing is that she may have been a nun called Juliana Berners.

In this video, Andrew Herd ties one of the patterns from this 500 year old book and then goes fishing with it and although he is using a fly that went out of fashion four centuries ago, he does well with it.

Dame Juliana is featured in Andrew's book The History of Fly Fishing, which is the most comprehensive history of fly fishing available today. You can order the book by visiting this link.