This page is a link to all the articles that have proven so resistant to classification that we can't find a home for them anywhere else, as well as some general overviews that span several disciplines - like, for example, the piece "Game or Coarse?", which looks at the origins of the great split in British freshwater fishing.

Over time, all sorts of goodies will accumulate on this page, but it will always remain a bit of a lucky dip, so keep checking back here from time to time, because you never know what is going to turn up.



Game or coarse?

Think you know the answer? Read on to find out about angling's great 19th century schism.



The origins of British angling

British angling has a long history, stretching back far beyond the Middle Ages.



Sproughton Mill

Featured in Fennell's The Rail and the Rod, Sproughton Mill has barely changed in 150 years.




Char on Windermere

The intriguing story of the mysterious char fishery of the Lake District.



Eel bucks

Everything you ever wanted to know about these fascinating bygones.



Strange Things Found Inside Fish

How to publish a heresy found inside a cod and other stories.