We are committed to keeping this site free to all comers, but the pesky accountants keep telling us that there is a wee bit of a problem squaring the 'free' bit with the bills that the site generates, so the obvious answer is to have a shop to where we can sell stuff which will make enough of a profit to keep the enterprise afloat, especially as it gets larger.

The irony of the situation is that we got so excited about creating the content for the museum that the last thing on our list was sorting out the bit that the average steely-hearted business person would have brainstormed first, but that is fishermen for you - always dreaming.

But this is a good dream.

Meanwhile, you can help by taking a look at the Medlar books we have featured on the site - if it enters your head to buy any of them, then Jon will have the comfort of knowing at least some of the money he has so generously laid out has returned home. You can visit the Medlar site by clicking here.

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And me? Well, you could help by putting your name down for a copy of the vastly expanded new edition of my history of fly fishing - the book that was formerly known as The Fly. Believe me, the update is worth the wait, and this time, there is a companion volume, featuring every significant British fly dressing list from 1496 to 1914, together with not a few of the harder to find European lists. As far as Jon is concerned, just keep on buying Medlar books, the way we hope you have always done.


The History of Fly Fishing