Kelson The Salmon Fly 1895Kelson - The Salmon Fly 1895

Kelson's tour de force on the salmon fly, a work that is still in use by salmon fly tiers.



Scrope 1843Scrope - Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing

Scrope's witty and informative tale of his experiences of salmon fishing in the early 19th century.



Radcliffe 1921Radcliffe - Fishing from the Earliest Times

Radcliffe's academic history of fishing from ancient times - a valuable reference work.



Houghton - British Fresh-water FishesFennell - The Rail and the Rod 1867

Greville Fennell's encyclopaedic text on the fishing around London.



Salter Angler's GuideSalter - Angler's Guide 1814

Thomas Salter wrote an all-rounder's textbook that served two generations of anglers.



Aflalo - The Salt of my Life 1905Aflalo - The Salt of my Life 1905

Aflalo's classic work on sea angling.